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Eight-nine years ago purchased an Oticon for my right ear from an Audiologist in Santa Barbara on Castillo. Very pleased with this hearing aid.

A year later based on a recommendation from a "less than informed family member" got a back up Widex right ear hearing aid from Audiologist on Pueblo. Quality of Widex and programming was fair to poor. Audiologist has an office in Solvang. They had a very nice knowledgeable person there who has since left.

She was able to program the Widex much better. In some situations I could than hear better with the Widex. Widex would still distort horribly in restaurants and noisy environments. Also very poor with wind noise.

On two separate occasions lost hearing aid as had to take Widex out to hear in noisy environments. Ancillary insurance was cancelled but they did replace it one last time. I never had to remove Oticon in noisy environments. That's a key and important factor with hearing aids.

Never, ever remove them unless in a safe place at home and no pets around. I had the Oticon rebuilt by the Audiologist office in Solvang for a few hundred dollars. It works like new. Only thing I've had to do is carefully add several coats of hardening clear nail polish as ear canals change over time.

Next is most hearing aids get muffled and distorted over the course of a day from condensation and moisture from the human body. Not everyone experiences this but many do. It does not matter how clean and dry ones ears are. Condensation and moisture can build up over the course of the day.

Tried the pill bottles with dryers first and they helped. Next purchased a Renew Serene dryer with UV light and that's better. But sometimes it takes several days before the hearing aid performs well for any length of time. Hearing Audiologist recommended canned air.

This helps as well. It was time about a year ago to get hearing aids for both ears. Tried a set of top of the line Widex from Audiologic and they were good but not great. Same as single previous Widex.

Distorted badly in noisy environments and performed poorly in wind. The streamer-Bluetooth to phone had short range and performed so so. Also these hearing aids required another device to change programs...just another thing to loose and cumbersome. Tried the equivalent top of the line Oticon's.

No additional device. Program on left hearing aid and volume on right. Streamer for Bluetooth much better. Phone could be left plugged into charger about 10' away and streamer worked fine.

Problem only several hours battery life for Oticon streamer. HOWEVER, The Oticon's started having problems within several weeks. One distorted and after the first or second time back the audio quality has been poor. I can often hear better with my 8-9 yr old Oticon or Widex single hearing aid than my new $7,000 pair plus the cost of the streamer.

Don't remember how many times the Audiologic has sent the Oticon's back for repairs. This last time they only made it several weeks before one failed completely. Now they're both back getting repaired again. Audiologic evidently was purchased by Widex.

They push Widex but not Oticon. Huge frustration and disappointment with all. Original person I was working with has since left.

So it seems the only recourse left is request my money back and find another source. Could end up in court but what's left?

Product or Service Mentioned: Widex Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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