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I purchased my third set of Widex aids in Phoenix and the dealer sold their business soon after. I have been wearing aids for almost 50 years and it is amazing how slow the technology changes.

The dealers will woo you with all of the fancy graphs, channels and new ear pieces and none of them are any better than getting the right fitting. If your Widex dealer leaves or in some cases even if they stay you will not get any support from their factory. It took me years to get their phone number and they are only interested in sales and talking to their dealers. I had already purchased Phonak aids and tossed the Widex ones in the drawer as hearing aid dealers and audiologists are only interested in new sales and not getting someone else's sale fixed.

When I recently looked at new Widex Aids they offered me a one year warranty extension on the aids that never worked if I purchased new ones. Imagine how thrilled I was with that offer. Be sure they work well before the trial is over or get your money back. You will spin your wheels forever if you don't.

Make sure the manufacturer can be contacted and offer support if there are problems. WIDEX does not.


Monetary Loss: $6.

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South Haven, Michigan, United States #841814

I have worn hearing aids for several years and when I lost one of my Rexton aids (they worked fine) my audiologist recommends Phonak Bolero aids. I bought them and could not tolerate them because they made any tone (any musical instrument, car beeps, people singing - anything) have a serious twitter or trill instead of a steady tone.

They were aware of it and suggested turning off whistle stop. Sure enough the trill stopped but now I had serious feedback issues. They could not fix them and I returned them.

Anyway, I now have Widex Dream 300s and they work great. No issues.

My audiologist spent a lot time on this with Phonak and he has now solved my problem. He is now reluctant to recommend Phonak, particularly for anyone who listens to music.

No, I do not work for any aid company, this is just my honest experience.


I work for a hearing aid dispenser. I do not personally wear aids but, boy do I have an opinion about Widex.

Aside from the fact that we consistantly have patients coming in with disfunctional Widex aids sound/ durability wise. There customer service is an absolute NIGHTMARE! Even for the Audiologist/ dispensers, Widex is so incompotent at their job. Everytime I have to work with them, they ALWAYS do something wrong...

and I mean ALWAYS!

We no longer sell Widex aids for this reason. Our patients shouldn't have to deal with that nor should our office!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #747713

I recently purchased new Starkey X aids and insisted that they betuned in before paying a nickel. I have four programs to choose from and they are canal aids.

Very happy so far.

The key is still finding someone that will make all of the adjustments BEFORE you accept them as a final sale. A respectable dealer should allow this.

Stephensport, Kentucky, United States #728800

Hi, what made me even more furious than the fact that they are constantly in being fixed, is that they cost me $3500 each ($7,000) then a couple of years later I lost the one which was the best and least problem, and when I went for a replacement the company had changed hands, and it blew me when the lady said that one would only costs $1400. Now you cannot tell me that things would have come down that much in that time, so in other words they saw me coming..

I was new at this.

But to cap it off I have had Widex for about 4 years now, the bad one was replaced at my insistence, (well they said it was) yet it still plays up, and as before it is always back in being fixed, I hardly use them so what would it be like if I had to wear them every day???..

I feel terrible going in all the time it is as though it is my fault, but they always have a different excuse for why it did not work, even showing me that it had wax hanging out of it now I am not old, and I know how to clean it, and I also have eyes to see if there is wax?? .

I just wish I could find a good make, how do we know that a make is a good one???

Los Angeles, California, United States #699333

Widex has no corporate support. Our audiologist, recommended by the Widex web site, went out of business within 3 months of my $7,000 purchase. Widex USA refuses to get involved – pure robbery!!


I wore a pair of Widex Inteos for 5 years and was reasonably satisfied with them. I was then told that Widex would no longer service them.

Widex had come out with a new line Clear with all kinds of wonderful verbage about the improvements they made.

I bought a pair $4,500 and they seem at best to be warmed over Inteos with some fluffy improvements that did little to improve the hearing. BOO WIDEX

to Carl #613348

The Widex Clear are the best and highest quality hearing aids on the market. Find another dealer to program the aids for you.

Please make sure that the dealer is using speech mapping to ensure accuracy. Additionally, if the practitioner is a Hearing Instrument Specialist, make sure the Person is qualified. My dispenser has a hearing healthcare degree, board certified in hearing instrument sciences and is ACA qualified with over 20 years experience. You want an educated and experienced practitioner.

If the practitioner is an Audiologist, make sure he or she has been dispensing for many years and is in private practice. Best of luck..

to Carl #648178

I am a Doctor of Audiology and what i and the manufacturers will tell you is that with any new technology theoretically, improvements are vast. I say theoretically because how it translates to the human ear is still under study.

What i will say is that with every advancement in technology, i find more and more of the population who tries hearing aids has less and less problems. Widex will repair hearing aids for 7 years at this point. Most manufacturers will only do 5. I just got an email that starting this June (2013) they will service them for as long as they can get the parts.

Thats the problem. Their suppliers only make the parts for so long.

Also, it is important to note that the hearing aid can only do so much. My analogy to patients is that we are born with 88 piano keys.

You may only have 60 keys left. No matter how much we 'ding' in the higher pitches with the hearing aid, it is not going to be heard because some of the keys are gone. Also, the among the keys that are left, there may be significant damage so that speech or other sounds sound unnatural or distorted. Today's hearing aids can help with clarity and background noise which is what we need them to do the most since the brain can't do it well anymore.

But, nonetheless, nothing is as good as the original.

I dispense a lot of Widex. I've found over the years in comparing companies and even comparing levels of technology within companies, that people tend to love the sound quality and performance in background noise with Widex compared to some of the other big companies. The most important thing when looking at hearing aids, is the trust you have in your dispenser.

I've had 10 years of schooling and been in practice for 17 years. I do everything i can to help my patients and if i get stumped i will call the manufacturer.

So, make sure you have a dispenser, audiologist or not, that knows what they are doing.


I'm to office manager for an audiology clinic in Portland,OR. You really must find a liscened and well respected Doctor of Audiology, someone who is familiar with your devices, has experience and knows the programming software.

It is in a reputable Audiologists' best interest to provide quality service no matter where you purchased.

We reprogram hearing aids at least five times per week, most of which were not purchased in our office, we do this service because we know we are building a good client relationship and hopefully that client will think of us when and if they do decide to upgrade. Widex can be reached by email at proSupport@widexusa.com


Bought Widex hearing aids in Highlands Ranch CO. Great service!

Moved to Myrtle Beach with two years left on my "Worldwide Guarantee". No dealer in Myrtle Beach area will honor the guarantee.

Tried to call the mfgr. no luck.


My experience with Widex is completely different. When my wife's Widex hearing aid stopped working, they replaced it with a brand new one.

I was thrilled the hearing aid was the problem, because one time we took one of her old hearing aid's into the audiologist, because she thought it was broken. Guess what, it wasn't broken, she had a "sudden hearing loss" and the result was that she lost the ability to discrimate speech in that ear. Now she has no hearing in one ear and the good one is not that good.

Hearing aids can be fixed, your heaing can not be fixed.

Try not to be so mean about these wonderful devices. When her hearing aid malfuntions now, we pray it is broken and when it is we are thrilled, never angry. The hearing aid helps her hear better than if she is not wearing it. We bought a cheap hearing aid once, because we were ***.

Never again. Find a great audiologist and get the best hearing aid you can afford.

How do we know what is the best hearing aid? You don't, we lucked out - we found the best audiologist.

to Rob #747668

You sound like a kind, thoughtful person. I've noticed that when people like you come in to my hearing aid center with a problem, I will do anything humanly possible for you.

Ironically, when people come in angry and demanding, the focus becomes minimizing their anger, and doing what they want done. This is usually not as effective.

People just can't do their best work when they're being treated like someone who needs to be frightened into doing the right thing. So, not only are you to be respected for your humanity, you also benefit from it, perhaps more than people might think.

to anonymous Manhattan, New York, United States #887799


I need an audiologist like you, if you are not available at my location.

Anyone you might recommend would be much appreciated.

I've worn inside canal hearing aids (Widex) for seven or so years.

I am testing over-the-ear aids right now.Good, but not good enough.

Please help, if you can.

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