Tampa, Florida

I've been a hearing aid user for 10 years. Currently I'm using the Widex behind the ear aid which is suppose to be the best but this item is non-functional for people that have a active life style in other words if you don't to outside it may work OK!

If you live in a southern state it doesn't work at all during the summer months. Widex will service the aid but it never works as it should. I'd like to have 50 bucks for all the times I've gone back to the company the sold me the aid. They have been great but the Widex aid stinks.

What a joke for a aid that cost the most.

Fortunately I deal with a dealer that has multi source and will change out the junk or something better.

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My complaint is not about their Hearing Aids but about their customer service. I have the Widex Clear440 Fusion with ZEN and have called (718) 392-6020 five or six times only to be hung up on!

Customer service at Widex is non-existent in the USA. Their Audiology department is supposed to be subject matter experts! The fact is they either do not know their products or could not care less.

After the last phone call they have convinced me to return my Widex and go with the Oticon Intiga 10’s. Thanks Widex for being so obtuse while I am still in my trial period.


Widex is a long time established and very highly regarded Manufacturers of hearing aids.

Every hearing aid has it's limitation, and being electronic, is affected by moisture and water.There are very easy solutions to your problem.

If you would like to discuss your experience with an unbiased hearing aid Dispenser of 28 years please don't hesitate to call me, at my expense (800) 432-7114

David A. Thorpe

to AlsipMagistrate Rancho Santa Margarita, California, United States #694097

My experience with the Widex Passion Clear 440 is that I very often get a premature "battery low" message, or I have to try two, three, maybe four NEW batteries before I can get the device to work. Totally unacceptable after more than a year of failed attempts by the distributor to remedy the situation.

Am I alone? How to I solve this problem?

to John in California #1715401

I agree with you completely Been wearing aids since 1962 The worst battery user ever Bluethooth drains it before I start my day In addition the nuance of changing the filter is BS! The wires break easily The social setting is poor Last one I had was Otican A truly disabled severe hard AG hearing person is out of luck! It sucks!


I have had the Widex digital, three setting, behind-the-ear aids for three years after 15 years with in-the-ear models. I am an active person who downhill skis, ice skates, plays golf, and hikes.

The aids have been very satisfactory for all I do. I do not live in a humid area so that aspect is not a concern. However, I do sweat a lot on hot days plying golf or hiking. They have not been a problem from the standpoint of staying place in any of my activities.

They may not be adequate for extreme activities or sports. They are worth consideration.

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